The EDA Needs You...and You...and You...and You...

Volunteers are the backbone of every successful run for political office. Knocking on doors, putting up lawn signs, answering phones, organizing and attending events and getting the vote out are critically important to a candidate winning a riding. However, the campaign itself is only the end of a long process that takes years to unfold. In the case of Joe’s recent campaign, the final push to the top was the culmination of four years of steady, dedicated activity by a group of volunteers dedicated to supporting Joe as our MP, and the Conservative Party of Canada’s ideals.

Over the last few months, a team of volunteers has put together a Voter Engagement and Election Readiness Plan. It’s far reaching and calls for us to:

  1. lay the groundwork for Joe’s re-election in Eglinton-Lawrence
  2. maintain and build relationships with a diverse group of voters representing a broad range of political, social and economic interests
  3. identify new supporters for the party
  4. sustain enthusiasm among volunteers and motivate them to participate in EDA programs.

Sounds ambitious? It sure is...but Eglinton-Lawrence is certainly up for the task. In the last federal election, almost 300 volunteers came forward to help Joe win a solid majority in the riding. Our highly motivated team of volunteers is the envy of many riding associations across the country. Very few matched our commitment, planning and hard work...and much of the inspiration came from Joe. He was a tireless campaigner, knocking on over 20,000 front doors over a four year non-stop stretch of campaigning.

On March 27th, we are emailing an “ask” for help. It’s a call for you to continue to support Joe with your time and effort. The EDA needs people who will volunteer to continue canvassing and polling fellow citizens in the riding. We need people who can help us identify key events in the riding. We need people who can attend those events, whether Joe can make it or not. We need people who can help us update our data base, so that when the next Election Day comes, we can “get out the vote” and win again in Eglinton-Lawrence.

I’ve been working with Joe for four years, and it’s been a great experience. Whether knocking on doors, putting up signs or working with other volunteers, I‘ve been energised by the passion and conviction that Joe and my fellow volunteers have brought to this important work. We live in a truly great country, and I believe it’s our responsibility to ensure that we have elected officials who share this vision of “greatness” and work to support it. So please consider “signing up” to help...any amount of time or effort will be graciously accepted and deeply appreciated.

- Hugh Samson
Voter Engagement and Election Readiness Committee, Eglinton-Lawrence EDA

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