Fianl Report of the Federal electoral Boundaries commission for the Province of Ontario – July 31, 2013

The long-awaited results of the redistribution exercise for Federal Electoral Districts based on the 2011 Census have been published and the outcome for Eglinton-Lawrence is that its boundaries and its name remain unchanged.

A number of EDA members from the Conservative Party of Canada and others made representations to the Commission about their first proposal, which would have seen the western boundary of the riding moved from the CNR tracks west of Caledonia Road to Keele Street. To compensate for the additional population this would have given to Eglinton-Lawrence, the Commission proposed removing the north-west quadrant, known as “Bedford Park” from our constituency and making it part of Don Valley West.

The proposals made by residents, based on the principle of “community of interests” among eligible voters in a riding, were to the effect that Bedford Park was vastly more integrated with the rest of the riding than the proposed addition, to be carved out of York South-Weston. The alternative suggestion made by residents of Eglinton-Lawrence was that the western boundary be moved back towards the east all the way to the Allen Expressway and that, to compensate for the net loss of population which would result, a piece of northern St. Paul’s riding above St. Clair Road be added.

Fortunately, support from the representatives of York South-Weston manifested itself, arguing, correctly, that there was little or no community of interests between the portion of their riding to be carved out and Eglinton-Lawrence, with the result that the Commission agreed, stating:

“The population of the electoral district of York South—Weston is high. In its Proposal, the Commission attempted to balance population by assigning the part of that electoral district lying west of the rail line to the electoral district of Eglinton—Lawrence. In turn, to balance population there, the Commission next proposed to transfer the area known as Bedford Park to the electoral district of Don Valley West. As a result of submissions received at the public hearings, the Commission is convinced that residents of that part of the electoral district of York South—Weston in question do not have a community of interest with the electoral district of Eglinton—Lawrence. It is therefore unnecessary to assign the Bedford Park area to the electoral district of Don Valley West.”

As a consequence, there was no need to extend the boundaries of Eglinton-Lawrence south into St. Paul’s:

“The Commission received several submissions requesting that a significant part of the electoral district of St. Paul's be assigned to the electoral district of Eglinton—Lawrence. Given that the population of the electoral district of Eglinton—Lawrence is already above the provincial quota, the Commission is unable to accommodate this request.”

The result leaves our riding at a 2011 Census population of 113,150, or about  6.21% above the Provincial Quota of 106, 213, and within the acceptable margin of variance.

- Stanley Hartt

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