President's Message

Greg Piasetzki

Welcome to the website of the Eglinton Lawrence Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association (Riding Association).

The purpose of our association is to support our member, the Honourable Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources, and to promote conservative values generally and, in particular, the policies of the Conservative Party of Canada.

We do this through organizing fund raising events, providing support for our member when he is in the riding, outreach to the many communities in our riding and the distribution of information regarding the policies and goals of the Conservative Party of Canada.

We have an active Board of 60+ members, 30 of whom are voting members. The board and executive of the association, in consultation with our Member of Parliament, organize and support events of the types described above.  Our board is, in turn, supported by an active membership of several hundred members and volunteers who provide support for the events organized in the riding.

Among the more notable events organized this year were a Canada Day Picnic at Marshall McLuhan secondary school which attracted more than 300 attendees and our traditional “morning after” budget breakfast with our MP, Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources, as our keynote speaker.

Looking forward, an election will be called by October 2015; accordingly, we are planning fund raising, voter identification and outreach activities with a view to ensuring that our association is well positioned to support our member in the next election.

All of these activities require volunteers and, since “many hands make light work” I encourage you to contact the association if you are interested in participating in supporting our goals.

Thank you to all of our current members and volunteers for their support and I look forward to seeing all of you at events during the coming year.

Greg Piasetzki

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