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Beverly BrooksAs the end of another year approaches, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect back on all that the EDA board has accomplished this year.  We organized a very successful fund raiser at the Columbus Centre on May 16 at which our MP and Minister of Natural Resources, Joe Oliver, and Associate Minister of Defence, Julian Fantino, spoke. We will be holding another fund raiser at Senator Linda Frum’s residence on Nov. 13 and, given that we have already confirmed the attendance of close to 60 people, we can claim another huge success. We held an amazing Canada Day Picnic for the several hundred constituents of the riding on July 1 at Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School.  A number of board members including Bob Amaron, Peter Fyvie, Josh Hollenberg, Sonia Light and Robin Martin attended events throughout the year to heighten the profile of the riding and the Conservative Party in Toronto including the Earl Bales Park Filipino Picnic, the Walk for Israel and Filipino events at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Bob Amaron also attended several Ukrainian events in the west end. Over 25 board members attended an event in Mississauga in the summer at which the Prime Minister spoke. We have a number of board members appearing before the Boundary Realignment Commission in November to present their views on the redrawing of the riding boundaries.   The First and Second Vice Presidents, Alex Barron and Bob Amaron,  are attending one of the Conservative Party’s regional constitution and policy forums on November 18, to discuss and vote on constitution and policy amendments that will be brought to the floor of the Conservative Party’s national convention in Calgary in June 2013. All in all it’s been quite a year.

Given that this year marks the end of my third year as EDA President, and, therefore, the end of my tenure as President, I would like to express my appreciation to all of the board members for making the last three years so successful and so memorable. I would like to acknowledge a number of specific board members who have gone above and beyond with respect to dedicating many hours of their time to ensure the success of the EDA. Hugh Samson has done an extraordinary job as Chair of the Re-election Committee, by developing an outreach strategy and organizing the Canada Day Picnic. Larry Babins, the EDA’s Financial Officer, has done an incredible job of the riding finances. Greg Piasetzki has done an outstanding job as the EDA Secretary, always rising to challenge of organizing EDA meetings and keeping detailed minutes of each meeting. As Constitutional Chair, Bob Amaron has continually offered words of wisdom on many issues and has represented the riding at special events throughout the year. Richard Tattersal, Chair of the Fund Raising Committee, and his committee members which include Stanley Hartt, Alex Barron, Claire Kennedy and Philip Khaiat, have organized two very successful events this year. Past President and Chair of the EDA Nominating Committee Chair, Bill Sayers, and his Committee members, Stephen Randall, Michael O’Neill and Sean Webster, have taken on the major challenge of organizing the board for next year. Peter Coy has made a major contribution by designing more sophisticated fund raising invitations that enable attendees to confirm attendance electronically, therefore, saving fund raising committee members many hours of phoning. During the year, both Peter Coy and Ian Sargeant have spent time sending invitations to the past and current members of the riding. Peter has also graciously hosted many of the EDA meetings throughout the year. Peter Fyvie, the EDA’s  Volunteer Committee Chair, enthusiastically   took on the responsibility of organizing the EDA’s participation in the Earl Bales Park event.  Stephen Randall has successful taken on two major responsibilities – newsletter editor and website designer. As a result of Stephen’s efforts, the newsletter is now online and we have a great website.  Michael O’Neill has headed up the effort to honour former EDA board member and provincial candidate, Louise Sankey, by organizing the annual Louise Sankey Volunteer Award. Bob Amaron and Cathie Ross were last year’s provincial and federal recipients respectively. I hope that I have not missed anyone – my apologies if I have. Thank you all for a great three years!    

- Beverly Brooks

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