Stephen Harper, Canada and Conservative Action

Likely the most remarkable Canadian PM in recent history, Stephen Harper stands tall domestically and on the world stage. His successes since defeating the Liberals in 2006 have influenced the political landscape of Canada and even the economic thinking of the EU.

Mr. Harper’s personal values truly reflect the historical underpinnings of Canadian Conservatism: a strong national defence programme; open federalism marked by honest and respectful relations with the provinces; unequivocal commitment to national unity; free enterprise coupled with a dedication to individual achievement and excellence; the opportunity for all Canadians to pursue and achieve their personal dreams within a context of safety, universal health care and a strong economy.

Under the Harper majority government, Canada enjoys the policies and political will to confront many challenges that engage our traditional values. For example; Bill C-10, an omnibus bill titled the Safe Streets and Communities Act, will attempt to ensure that the “safety and security of law-abiding Canadians and victims come first in Canada’s justice system”. The Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act, aims to prevent the many abuses of our immigration system including bogus refugee claims and unnecessary costs to taxpayers of approximately $170 million per year. First among equals in importance, is the PM’s priority of making Canada’s economic recovery complete and to that point, Canada is the economic envy of the world. Sound financial judgement and discipline are paying off despite the buffeting winds of a declining Eurozone complete with possible defaults and an ailing U.S. economy.

Internationally, Canada’s relationship with the U.S. has flourished as Mr. Harper personally, and through his representatives, continues to dialogue and cooperate on such matters as continental defense, Middle-East policy, energy and natural resources, the new border security and trade agreement (called the Beyond the Border plan), counter-terrorism and other vital matters.

Under Mr. Harper, Canada is being very careful about purchasing the next-generation Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a fifth generation fighter jet, to replace the present aging fourth generation fleet of CF-18’s. This would allow the RCAF to help ensure the defense of our Canadian and North American skies with what is arguably the best fighter aircraft in the world. It will also allow Canada to do its part to defend democracy abroad and within the context of NATO.

The Harper majority government has just begun.

- Bob Warren

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