Year End Message from the EDA President, Greg Piasetzki

I am writing to thank all of you for your support over the last year whether through volunteer time or financial contributions to our association or the national party.

It was not the year that we would have wished for. Our record in government was not enough to convince Canadians that we deserved another term in office. Whether Canadians have made the right choice we will know in due course.

However, our party is left with a substantial number of seats in Parliament, more than two and half times what the Liberals had after the last election, and we will review what we did wrong and then look to the future.

We were very fortunate to have had Joe Oliver as our Member of Parliament for the past four years. Joe worked tirelessly at the constituency level to address constituent needs and at the national level brought a wealth of experience and energy to bear on behalf of all Canadians as Minister of Natural Resources and Finance. He continues to make any impact through a series of recent columns in the Globe, Post and Sun newspapers on issues of national importance.

Looking at the election results, at the riding level, a core of very hard working volunteers, supplemented by a very large number of volunteers who came out on Election Day, meant that we ran a very good local campaign.

Our vote in Eglinton-Lawrence actually increased by over 1,300 votes and would easily have won the riding in the last three elections. However, 2,000 NDP voters last election decided to vote Liberal this time around, and 7,000 voters who didn’t vote last election turned out to vote Liberal. Whether they will vote Liberal in the next election, or will turn out to vote at all, remains to be seen. Many voters were obviously highly motivated to vote this time around, whether for the new or against the old is hard to tell, as both impulses were apparent.

However, the life of the EDA goes on regardless of the election results since our role is to support our member when we are in government, and to prepare for the next election when we aren’t.

We will shortly be scheduling our 2016 AGM and a Delegate Selection Meeting to select candidates for the May 2016 National Convention in Vancouver. Further information regarding these meetings, and on how to express an interest in serving on the Board or as a delegate, will follow in due course.

The end of the year is a time when many of you will be considering charitable or other donations. If you have not reached your limit for the year, a donation to the Eglinton-Lawrence Electoral District Association (“Riding Association”) will be put to good use as we rebuild.

Please click here to access the form for making a donation. Be Sure that you have not already paid the maximum ($ 1500) permitted to the Riding Association.

Click on the DONATE button, fill out and mail the form to the EDA with your donation.

Thank you again for your support this year and all the best for 2016.

Greg Piasetzki
President, Eglinton-Lawrence Conservative EDA

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